George’s Fondant is a premium cake icing product that found its fans in the bakery industry and among passionate home cake makers by its specific marzipan taste, formability and friendly texture.


  • Smooth and even surface
  •  Flexible, easy to stretch and to form
  •  Long life product – easy to store
  •  Nice marzipan flavour (with the exception of the colour chocolate, which due to its high cocoa content has an intense chocolate flavour)
  •  By using various techniques, the colour white is perfect for painting cakes.

George Fondant’s Gum paste is a little bit harder, more formable – an excellent tool for cake artists (or anybody who loves to add fantasy and style to cakes).

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Our Story

We are a family of passionate cake makers … The original idea was born back in 1957 in a traditional patisserie – the goal was make cake-coating easier by keeping the marzipan taste, but evolving the materials texture. After a long period of experimentation, the new recipe was born – it became the foundation of the manufacturing technology we still use nowadays by evolving and changing, inheriting from father to son. The product, which was made based on a traditional family recipe, can by now be enjoyed by everyone: no matter if professional or at-home confectioner.